Waiest Qigong Home Study ~ Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome!

  • Waiest Qigong is a Personal Success Home Training Program where you will discover new and ancient forms of meditation, philosophy, natural health, and chi training that will bring balance to your life. 
  • ​Waiest Qigong Home Study - Discover the art of self-mastery.  •Relieve Pain & Stress •Increase Energy & Strength •Heighten Flexibility & Power •Restore Balance & Focus •Forge Mental Discipline •Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle
  • No matter if you are just starting on the path or have been studying your whole life, Waiest® Qigong will bring it all into focus taking your journey to the next level.


Waiest Qigong a Philosophy for the Future

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. You just need someone to show you the lock and encourage you to open the door. 

Waiest Qigong the Journey

The Waiest® Arts were specifically developed as a home study program and is meant as an individual journey of discovery.  It was developed over 30 years of study with monks, mystics, shaman, gurus and martial art masters from around the world, bringing together this knowledge for you with this home study program to help you make the best of your journey.


Sage, Incense, & Cool Stuff

Sage, Incense, & Cool Stuff . Home Study . Books . Guided Meditation CDs . Inspirational . Stress Relief . Malas . Sage . T-shirts . and much more. Namaste


Relaxing Meditative Music

You can now download beautiful meditation music, motivational speaking, and guided meditations that will enhance your journey, body,  mind, and spirit.  Spotify . Apple Music . iTunes . Amazon . CD Baby

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Sage, Incense, & Cool Stuff

Real Testimonials

Embrace the Future

“It was so great to meet Lee! We had an awesome conversation and I was honored to later discover that he wrote a song about our meeting titled "Opinions of a Wise Man." Check it out here!  ~Dorje”

The Waiest program has been a real blessing in my life!
It's helped me to find inner and outer peace and amazing insights through the fantastic meditations, energy work and wisdom it shares.
I would recommend this great learning and discovery tool to anyone and everyone!
Wishing much love and many blessings to all upon this great journey through universal life!!
Lee Walsh
El Dub Music

Opinions of the Wiseman video

The Real Connection

“Chris and Christina are like family! I’ve known Chris since he was a child and was very pleased to be able to marry him and Christina. Together they really helped Susan and I to get our program off the ground. We are truly honored to know them.  ~Dorje”

Before dedicating myself to the Waiest Qigong, I honestly felt lost in myself. I didn't see the purpose of life. I questioned on a constant basis who I was as a person. Life had thrown me many difficult obstacles and situations. My stress level and worries were always high. Being a business owner and a mom of two, everyday life became a constant struggle to the point of hair loss and I am in my 20s! Dorje has always been there for me. He has always been kind to me. He has shown me the ways of Waiest and my life is forever changed. If you truly open yourself up to Waiest, understand and live by the vows and cause, you will have a totally different outlook on life. I meditate every single day. I repeat the vows and cause on a daily basis. Its to the point where I live everyday by these vows. Doctors kept trying to put me on antidepressants and anxiety meds. They only made me zombie-like and made my symptoms worse. Since Waiest has come into my life, I am the most stress-free I have ever been. I am on zero medication. Dorje offers you the tools to a better and happy life. To be at one with universal life. To leave the ways of man to man. "The true test is within." You choose the way you walk your path. You choose your journey. No one else can walk your journey through life. The world and your life can be a dark place. Waiest is the light for my path and journey.​

​Waiest Christina Marie Stock

The Encounter

“This amazing chance meeting with Elsa was so cool! Susan and I we’re just riding our bikes one day. A very hip lady pulled up next to us on her bike and asked us about our Waiest Qigong T-shirts that we were wearing. Come to find out she was riding her bicycle from Panama City Panama to Miami, FL on her mission to spread goodwill. We had the honor of her staying at our house for a few nights and becoming wonderful friends!  ~ Dorje”

My mind-blowing encounter with Dorje Jangbu was a part of a divine plan that lead me deeper into the path of love. When we met I was drawn to his wisdom of ages and for my luck I had an absolute privilege to pick up countless miraculous gifts that he has come here to share with all of us. He has a fully open heart and mind with the acknowledgement that each of us has their own path with their own set of tools that will get them exactly where they need be! I allowed myself to be deeply touched by the loving presence of Dorje within those few days that quickly turned into a thousand years. 

Dorje's gifts of wisdom still keep on giving on daily bases - it's an endless shower of love that helps me on my journey of Love Revolution.

Waiest Elza Sakz



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