Waiest Qigong The Internal Arts


A Martial Art for the Mind

You will not find yourself in physical battles on a daily basis, but you do find yourself in challenging social and mental situations daily! Taking from the concepts of the monks, Samurai, knights, and Qi masters of old, Waiest Qigong teaches one to focus their Qi, mind, and body to improvise, adapt, and overcome! Waiest Qigong is an entire life studies program, which consists of 6 Waiest Disciplines that cover a variety of life training skills to help you succeed in a more challenging world. The disciplined mind is the sword of a new day!
Waiest Discipline – Chi Focus™ Katas create a healthy and balanced flow of chi.
Waiest Discipline – Chi Focus™ Wazas help to strengthen and focus your chi.
Waiest Discipline – Meditation helps you to gain mental clarity.
Waiest Discipline – Fudoshin (immovable mind) helps one forge a strong mental attitude.
Waiest Discipline – Philosophy helps one to achieve an individual enlightenment.
Waiest Discipline –Spirit Warrior’s Code  helps one to achieve a personal strength and success in life.

No matter if you are just starting on the path or have been studying your whole life, Waiest® Qigong will bring it all into focus taking your journey to the next level.

Waiest Qigong

Waiest Qigong is a Personal Success Home Training Program where you will discover new and ancient forms of meditation, philosophy, natural health, and chi training that will bring balance to your life.  ​Waiest Qigong Home Study - Discover the art of self-mastery.  •Relieve Pain & Stress •Increase Energy & Strength •Heighten Flexibility & Power •Restore Balance & Focus •Forge Mental Discipline •Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle 

With Your Enrollment You Will Receive:

Level 1 ~ Waiest Qigong Home Certification Program™

  • “The Door©” ~ This manual is a guide to the Waiest Spirit Warrior’s Path.
  • Way of the Middle Path© ~ This is your guide to individual enlightenment and personal success
  • Waiest Qigong Manual (fully illustrated) 
  • Waiest Qigong Life Force Energy Training© DVD ~ This DVD works in conjunction with the manual taking you step by step through the Waiest® Arts!
  • Waiest Qigong Sounds of Meditation© CD ~ This wonderful CD of relaxing music will help enhance your meditative experiences and can be used as a meditative timing tool.
  • The Waiest Chi Monk's Mala Beads ~ These beautiful handmade mala beads are blessed by the Waiest Chi Monks.
  • Incense ~ a special blend of natural herbs, resins, flowers and oils hand-rolled to perfection.  Its rich, earthy fragrance will enhance any environment.
  • Waiest® Qigong Membership ~ Certificate of Membership ~ Walk the path of the Waiest® Spirit Warrior as you become a lifetime member of a global community, a brotherhood and sisterhood bound by honor and driven by the warrior’s code!
  • Waiest® Spirit Warrior Certificate of Completion Opportunity ~ Complete your first level exam and receive your Certificate of Completion as a Waiest® Spirit Warrior, a chi Monk of the Waiest® Order.


Waiest® Arts Home Study Program Enrollment

Enroll in the Waiest® University for a one-time fee of $180. This covers your lifetime membership within Waiest® Qigong plus a lifetime of training material, covering three different levels of ordainment study in chi training and meditation. There are three different levels of examination opportunities.  All at no extra fees to you.

FREE With Enrollment


Level 2 ~ Upon completing the level 1 exam you will receive level 2 study material for FREE!

You will get your Certificate of Ordainment as a Waiest® Chi Monk, the Guru program manual “The Teachings©”, Guru Chi Focus™ training DVD, and a special gift. Plus, you will have the opportunity to become a certified instructor!

Level 3 ~ Upon completing level 2 requirements you will receive your level 3 training material!

You will receive your Certificate of Ordainment as a Waiest® Guru Monk Zen meditation shawl and your Dharma Name.

The word Dharma means the “path of righteousness”. A Dharma name is not really a title, but symbolic of a new path. Commitment to study, a new way of thinking, and a new way of being. In many ways, it is a universal tradition practiced by many of the faiths of the world in taking a solemn and lifelong vow. As a non-religious sect, it may symbolize a new beginning and commitment on our path of oneness with Universal life.