Adam Bear Ramirez


I stumbled across Waiest Qigong when my brother and I was guided to Florida last year. Dorje as kind and humble as he is allowed us both to come in and study under him and his Waiest arts. At the time I didn't know what to expect, but I did know at the time I was searching for more personal/ spiritual discipline and Waiest Qigong in general was coming up a lot for me at that time. So finding and coming across Dorje helped me in finding the discipline I was searching for and assisted in helping to open up the gift and art of Qi Gong which helped greatly with my energy and being.The Waiest arts has contributed and assisted me sublimely on my path and know it would do the same for anyone else, as I am very thankful to Dorje and what his Waiest center had to offer.

Native American spiritualist & Waiest Chi Monk ~ Adam Bear Ramirez

James Hare


The Waiest® Home Study Program helped me in a variety of ways. It helped me learn to use visualization techniques to help me achieve my goals. It also taught me how to actively and effectively exercise my imagination and understand how to use these techniques to better problem solve and think faster on my feet. These tactics were invaluable to me while I was working my way through college and during my clinical internship while I was earning my degree. I was also able to make lifestyle changes with this program which helped me lose 118 pounds, bettering my health and without a doubt prolonging my life.
Waiest Chi Monk
James Hare ~ Panama City FL, LPTA Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

Timothy Henderson


After studying the Waiest Qigong Home Study Program and applying the meditation techniques such as clearing and focus, I've been able to improve my " inner temple' and have seen the outward manifestations of improved relationships with family members and an openness to strangers alike. Following the training and applying it to my life, my days have become more fulfilling by thinking less and simply recognizing the Universal Life Force energy that has been there all along!" Many bows Dorje!
Timothy Henderson age 70
Lewiston, NY

Chuck Palmeiri


Waiest Qigong Home Study course worked great to help me focus and center my chi. It helped me to be more calm and productive at work. Love it! "The true test is within."  

Chuck Palmeiri 

Izzy Ramirez


Great gratitude to the waiest community and brother jangbu for many universal life lessons and teachings. These teachings allow those who are seeking to uncover the veil of illusion, to work in harmony with the higher forces and to serve our brothers and sisters. Discipline of mind, body, and spirit has since been a strong lesson I will always refer to in brother jangbu teachings. My actual spiritual work started shortly after my synchronistic encounter with brother jangbu and I give great respect to his infinite wisdom. Implementing the waiest system into ones lifestyle will only bring peace, harmony, and gratitude into ones field.
Aho — Native American spiritualist & Waiest Chi Monk ~ Izzy Ramirez

Daniel Schrock


Practicing Waiest Qigong Has helped me to be at peace within the balance of my life's journey, it has helped me focus on many things in my life like my Artwork, Fencing skills, and my Religion, but most importantly it's helped me focus on the one true power that can never be taken away from me, and that is the Love for my Family and Friends, even you!" Thank you Master Dorje Jangbu for your teachings and helping me on my journeys path I love you brother.  

Waiest Chi Monk "Lay Monk" Daniel Schrock

Leo Ryokan Martin


The Waiest Meditation program has been an awakening to a new way of being for me. Since enrolling in the program and really immersing myself in the content, others often comment on my calming demeanor and ask how I have achieved such peace. Waiest® has completely shifted my perspective of life, not only in being more optimistic, but also in acceptance and seeing life’s many opportunities even in troubled times. As a home study course, the Waiest® philosophies are laid out perfectly for anyone to explore, but most importantly you really learn about yourself in the process.

After many years of studying and teaching Reiki, Zen philosophy and comparative religion, I often found myself at odds with the rigidity of teachings and searching for something more. The beauty of Waiest is that it’s a program that can be of benefit to absolutely anyone regardless of background. With the openness of the philosophies and direct application to daily living, this program offers something for everyone. With time and effort, anyone who chooses to study with Waiest can cultivate his/her spirit, mind and body to life changing proportions. The true test is within!
Leo Ryokan Martin ~ Waiest Guru Chi Monk

Greg Forz


Most of my life I’ve felt lost, unguided, out of control at times as most of us have I’m sure. After getting into martial arts and searching for a spiritual path we crossed paths, since getting involved with the Waiest® I was welcomed in and felt like I belonged. My martial arts study seemed to go to the next level; more focus more chi, everything started clicking. I’ve started seeing life different and have been trying harder in everything for my loved ones and family. I feel I have a long way to go, that’s just how I see my self but I definitely feel like things have changed inside of me for the better. It’s not just me either it feels like other people we have never met seem to seek us out just to randomly talk etc. I guess what I’m getting at is our practices have changed not only my perceptions but worldly day to day life around me!

Om Ah Hum _/\_
Waiest Guru Chi Monk
Greg Forz

Michael GreyWolf Robinson


I have and continue to study and embody an eclectic path. Practice what you will and to each his own of course but I'll say this from the heart. Following the path of the Waeist Chi Monk as a Lay Monk even has been more than helpful in recent life transitions. Applied with intention and discipline our active practice acts as a consistent reminder of the spirit warriors journey . Often one needs some guidance, some structure, and some mentoring no matter what point in non linear time reflects upon the mirror. The walk and light quotient is surely enhanced by being Waeist in all that it may imply."

Michael GreyWolf Robinson ~ Waiest Chi Monk

Bryan K Bird


Being that I was destitute in terms of spirituality, the Waiest® home study course helped me find that spiritual essence I’d been lacking on my own terms, in my own time. The key is commitment, what you put in is what you get out. My life will never be the same and I for one am better for it. Even the smallest light shines in the darkness.
Waiest Chi Monk
Bryan K Bird ~ Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Donald Rankins


Before I became a Waiest I had a small sense of spirituality but I lacked a strong spiritual existence. The Waiest mental fitness training gave me tools I needed to carve my path and achieve my goals. I began to look at everything in a completely different way. I applied my new way of thought to everything from my martials training to my parenthood. I learned how to be a better person for myself, my family and my community.

The program showed me that I could be the master of my own journey, and remain centered even when the world around me was chaotic. I was inspired to learn more about myself and I continue on that road to this day.

All in all, the Waiest home study course is an excellent place to begin a journey to enlightenment for all ages and cultures. Peace.”
Waiest Chi Monk
Donald Rankins

Tony Simpson


I have been studying Waiest Qigong with Shihan Dorje for a little over a year now.  My physical health has been greatly improved, and my mental and spiritual growth has enriched my life,  Our group have all become friends, friends we know we can count on.

Tony Simpson

Christina Marie Stock


Before dedicating myself to the Waiest Arts, I honestly felt lost in myself. I didn't see the purpose of life. I questioned on a constant basis who I was as a person. Life had thrown me many difficult obstacles and situations. My stress level and worries were always high. Being a business owner and a mom of two, everyday life became a constant struggle to the point of hair loss and I am in my 20s! Dorje has always been there for me. He has always been kind to me. He has shown me the ways of Waiest and my life is forever changed. If you truly open yourself up to Waiest, understand and live by the vows and cause, you will have a totally different outlook on life. I meditate every single day. I repeat the vows and cause on a daily basis. Its to the point where I live everyday by these vows. Doctors kept trying to put me on antidepressants and anxiety meds. They only made me zombie-like and made my symptoms worse. Since Waiest has come into my life, I am the most stress-free I have ever been. I am on zero medication. Dorje offers you the tools to a better and happy life. To be at one with universal life. To leave the ways of man to man. "The true test is within." You choose the way you walk your path. You choose your journey. No one else can walk your journey through life. The world and your life can be a dark place. Waiest is the light for my path and journey.​

​Waiest Christina Marie Gilbert

Elza Sakz


My mind-blowing encounter with Dorje Jangbu was a part of a divine plan that lead me deeper into the path of love. When we met I was drawn to his wisdom of ages and for my luck I had an absolute privilege to pick up countless miraculous gifts that he has come here to share with all of us. He has a fully open heart and mind with the acknowledgement that each of us has their own path with their own set of tools that will get them exactly where they need be! I allowed myself to be deeply touched by the loving presence of Dorje within those few days that quickly turned into a thousand years. Dorje's gifts of wisdom still keep on giving on daily bases - it's an endless shower of love that helps me on my journey of Love Revolution.

Waiest Elza Sakz

Dr. Carla Goddard


I am often asked how it is that I developed the mental vigilance and focus to remain to completely in the now – in the present moment. The greatest blessing that I was given was discovering the journey of becoming a Waiest®. In my walk as a Sacred Soul Shaman the need to have focused and grounded energy is vital. It can be one of the most difficult skills to master. The very basis of the Waiest® principles and program gave me the foundation in which to build from. A foundation that has remained a vital part of my daily application.

As a full time parent of busy teenagers, a wife, and my professional work as a Sacred Soul Shaman it was an undertaking to also go back to school to obtain my doctorate. In applying the philosophies of the Waiest® Program I was able to remain balanced in all aspects of life. I have faced many “mountains” in my journey, including many on the physical level. Having been diagnosed with cancer and a blocked aorta, I can honestly tell you that having gone through the Waiest® Program and applying it in my day to day life allowed me to make the changes within in order to remain not only balanced but obtaining a healthy state of mind. It is my firm belief, that through the engagement of the mindfulness, I was able to first win the battle within the mind and soul. The healing of the body quickly followed. This, in my opinion, is a direct result of the application daily of the Waiest® Programs.

The Waiest® Path leads “the way” sharing a “way” of life that fits every lifestyle, every religious principle, and shows a path to finding the truth within themselves. The tools are simple and practical that all can experience the spark that ignites the fire of your soul.
Sacred Soul Shaman
Waiest Chi Monk
Dr. Carla Goddard

Lee Walsh


The Waiest program has been a real blessing in my life!
It's helped me to find inner and outer peace and amazing insights through the fantastic meditations, energy work and wisdom it shares.
I would recommend this great learning and discovery tool to anyone and everyone!
Wishing much love and many blessings to all upon this great journey through universal life!!
Lee Walsh
El Dub Music

Everett Breakall


I have been studying Waiest Qigong under Shihan Dorja for many years. The Waiest Qigong books, writings, and meditation practices have lowered my stress levels and have helped calm me on a daily and personal level. I advise anyone that is search for inner piece to buy the Waiest Qigong course. Also, Shihan Dorja has excellent incense and meditation tools that can help when practicing meditation.

Waiest Chi Monk Everett Breakall

Chris J MacDonald


My Journey has been a long journey thus far, with a lifetime of spiritual training and martial arts alongside my academics.
The Waiest path has been nothing but a beautiful experience, a perfect fit to my way of living. The Way gives one a different perspective in one’s thinking and perception of the outlook of the Journey. I have been a firm standing believer and follower of the Waiest principles since nearly the beginning and will continue to support and advocate the positive message the Way conveys. To teach, mentor and share the message to all that wish to hear the message of Waiest Order.
We are the Spiritual warriors of yesteryear in the NOW, the Order of the mind and Universe.
I remain,
Brother Chiko
Ordained Guru Chi Monk
Certified Instructor of Waiest
Director/ Regional Abbot of Central Missouri
Member of the Waiest Council
Aka Col Chris J MacDonald, HHP, M.Msc., PhD

Raiff Palmieri


Waiest Qigong has helped me through alot of tough times.  Teaching me how to deal with stress and hardships in life.  Five stars, love the home study program, all very well written and executed by a professional.

Raiff Palmieri

Cat Brillard


I am honored and excited to be a new student at Waiest Qigong. The classes are enriched with enlightened concepts and practices that have helped me in many ways. I am more grounded, awake and aware of the energy(chi) that surrounds us. I really enjoy the diversity in learning at Waiest Qigong. I use the study guide to practice at home and have found it to be a valuable resource in learning QiGong as it is easy to follow and very detailed.

The best part though is how at Waiest Qigong we are all like family.  The members have made me feel very welcome and are incredibly helpful and kind. They are really amazing and awesome people. I am absolutely thrilled to have found such a wonderful group.

Cat Brillard

Lue Durant


Testimonial ~ "Through quiet study, applying the lessons, listening to my teachers, and trusting the journey the Waiest arts have helped me open the door to a whole new world...one that was there all along but that I was too blind to see. I look forward to continuing my study in order to find my true self and my place in the universe. I hope someday to be a source of light to others in the way my Waiest teachers have been for me."

Waiest Lue Durant

Curtis Gilbert


Waiest® Chi Monk "Lay Monk" Curtis Gilbert

Testimonials ~ My tribute to the Man and to the Zen Center as well as the philosophy and knowledge I have learned from him: I have wondered through many years of my life not blind but rather unguided. I have blamed friends, business acquaintances and family for my failures. It was easier to put the blame somewhere else than bear it upon my shoulders. Little did I know that the blame was there in my persona leaking the ill effects of denial onto my life and those that I came into contact with. How can I believe that when I blamed my parents, spouse, children, family and friends for my inadequacies that my view of them would stay both unchanged and unbiased? The basic cause and effect ramifications we are taught throughout life and in religion, that we are shaped by the way we think as well as what we do, maybe even more. Looking for the answers to life's problem does not come from a book or advice from others but rather from within one's own inner being. 

I believe that in a whole the Universe, whether religious, personal, or business, is pushing us in a positive direction. The way we interpret that information is our own decision. Should we take something as life altering as the death of a loved one or friend bend me to the point that I "snap" and go awry of the correct treatment of those around me, I am not talking short term but in the long term. Do I crawl in a hole and bury myself because they left me. Is the punishment I got as a child give me a way out for misconduct that I may pursue today? There are hardships that we must all face, that we all face and it is easy to take these times and head down a path of depression, anger and/or anti-social behavior. These trials according to all philosophies and religions are part of the tests of life.

Reading an inspirational passage from a self help book or even the bible may help us explain the situation but it cannot cause us to use that information for our betterment unless we think/meditate on that verse, saying or writing.

I know this sounds very much like i have lost all touch of reality but it is a higher line of thinking, whether right or wrong to/for you, that has showed me a different path I take now than I did before. It was brought to me by a man. He is not a priest, nor a cult leader or self proclaimed profit. He is a simple man with simple values. He expresses his ideas not to make me believe his ideas but to make me think of my own and form my own conclusion. He gave me no ideas of religion but rather a sense to feel and act as I feel just and correct. This man without knowing it, persuaded me to reevaluate me as opposed to those around me. He taught me to look inside myself for the answers and use those things that I had learned to guide me. Sometimes it may involve sitting quietly and reflecting intently and others a simple pause before I preceded. This man emits nothing but positive vibes. 

If you feel yourself in the turmoil such as I did, I highly recommend that you reach out to this man and organization and see if they can help you with the ways of dealing with your life. He will not give you the answers, simply point you in a path that you can have more control over. He is simply Dorje Jangbu, a man that changed my life. ~ Nameste

Kristopher Craig


Purchased the home study course. I totally love it! I met Dorje, he and his wife are amazing! 100% recommended!


Hello.  This is Dawn Michelle Shepley in Phoenix, Arizona.  My Waiest Testimonial


I like many followed Master Dorje for years.  I enjoyed learning in small doses like many.  I had many health scares and felt it better to just focus on me.  I finally sent off for my home program looking to get a better handle on my inner battles and if not to find some peace within.  Then even my physical battles became easier to deal with.


I went from someone unable to meditate to someone who does QiGong, meditations, and mantras regularly and everyone around me has taken notice of my changes.  I am calmer, happier in the present, there to stand up every time I can for what I believe in, and able to handle emotional to physical pain better.  I just breathe and feel my connection to the universe and all the life around me and my worries fade.  Proud to be a Waiest Chi Monk and walking the path I really believe in and defeating the inner battles daily.  I am proud to keep learning and growing as I seek enlightenment with the guidance of the program and our teacher. 


The dvd's/videos are wonderful to walk me through routines.  The books I can read and reread.  The music is super calming and as I relax I hear more layers.  Every part of this program is a wonderful tool on my path.